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Cappuccino Moments in a Jalapeño World

In the Pit

Read: Genesis 37:23-24


Joseph was the first son of Rachael and Jacob.  Eventually there were 13 children in the family:  Twelve boys and one girl, Dinah.  There were two wives and two maids who were the mothers of this very diverse collection of children. While giving birth to the last son, Benjamin, Rachael encountered complications and died.  This tragedy and other unknown character traits endeared Joseph to his father, Jacob and received from him  a “most favored one” status and  a multi-colored robe.

The privileged position of Joseph and his ability to interpret dreams created hostility from his brothers.  In one of his dreams, which he shared with them, he was the tall shock of grain and they were other shocks of grain which bowed down to him.  This symbol of power and authority did not enhance his status among his kinsmen.  In another dream, the sun and moon (Jacob and Leah) and eleven stars (his brothers) got on their knees before him and paid homage to him. The  dreams of Jacob and his special status with his farther created so much hatred from his brothers that they captured him, forcefully removed his ornate robe and threw him in an empty cistern until they decided what to do next.  He was literally in the pit and the future looked dim, even to the point of his brothers contemplating murdering him.  He was truly in the pit.

Somewhere along the pathway of life, all of us encounter times of being in the pit.  An illness comes and we spend days at the bedside of a child.  Our plan for an education does not start as we hoped.  The flywheel in the car breaks.  The teenage daughter runs away.  Brix, the family dog for 14 years, dies.  The list of “pits” is endless.  Anything that puts our spirits down and alerts us of rejection by our family, friends, church members or a community group throws us in a pit: that dark hole in life where things don’t look so positive and hope seems to be a vanishing thought.

The writer of Psalm 40 gives us a means of deliverance from life’s pits: “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.  (Psalm 40:1-2, Collegiate Devotional Bible, New International Version).  Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, later he became a powerful Egyptian administrator, provided food and land for his family and they did, as his dream predicted,  bow down before him!   If you are in the pit of our “jalapeno world,” grant yourself a “cappuccino moment” and share your burden with the Lord, pray and read Psalm 40.

Blessings and Jesus Smiles,

Dr. Ron