Apostle Build

An Apostles Built is a true demonstration of Theology of the Hammer, a phase coined by HFHI founder Millard Fuller.  We can set our differences aside and use a hammer as an instrument to manifest God’s love.

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County works with the local community to build modest, affordable homes for qualified, hardworking, low-income families ,screened and trained for successful home ownership.  They must be lying in unsuitable housing, must be able to maintain mortgage payments, and must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity by completing 250 “sweet equity” hours per adult.  The families earn sweet equity hours by working on other Habitat homes, bt working on their own home, and by working in the Restore.  They then purchase their home with a zero-percent interest mirage with Habitat provides.

Since 1992, ninety-one homes have been built in our country and over 200 children have returned from school to a safe, healthy home. Area churches have been one of the many important partners in our ministry. With the rising demand for affordable housing in front of us, we want to reach out to more in the faith community for support through the Apostles Build program.

Habitat for Humanity is a servant of the church provides a concrete opportunity for people to put their faith into action.

What is An Apostles Build?

This type of build is a partnership that allows twelve individual churches to join together to fully fund and build a house for a local family. The Apostles Build calls people to leave the pews of the church and serve in the way that the original apostles served. Working on this project allows our congregation an opportunity to be the body of Christ in our community and make a life-changing difference to a local family. Hopefully every member of out church will get behind this opportunity and share the gifts God he’s bestowed upon us, whether it be by facial giving, physical labor, making sandwiches, baking cookies or by earnest prayer. This is an opportunity for each of us to go into the community and serve the lord.

Benefits of a Partnership

There are numerous benefits to this partnership and here are just three. It offers people a way to share God’s love and leads people to grow in their faith. It can often attract new members and involve inactive members by providing an opportunity to see the tangible results of their effort as they work side by side.  It gives a chance to participate in a ministry of service that has a beginning and an end. Will you prayerfully join us in Apostles Build 2017?