I was born and raised in Mexico City in a Catholic family. When I was a teenager I started looking for God in my tradition and religion. The first time I heard the gospel and I thought they were talking to me about religion I said “no thank you I got my own”, but then they told me “God does not want for you to only have a religion, but He wants to have a personal relationship with you through Jesus Christ” … I did not understand that.

Later as I read the gospels and the Holy Spirit began to convict me about my sin and my lack of relationship with God and after witnessing the joy those Christians had I wanted the very same thing for me and for my family.

I went to my local priest and asked him some questions from my reading. He got mad at me and ordered me to stop reading my New Testament otherwise I would get mislead and become a protestant as my new friends. But I continued to read my N.T. and received Jesus in my heart. My life was changed radically.

God challenged me in less than a year to pray for the Turks and after six and a half years of praying I ended up as a christian worker in the Middle East. Before that I worked in several parts of Mexico through Operation Mobilization (O.M.). It was through them and as a christian worker from the A. of G. Church that I served for three and a half years in the Middle East reaching out mainly to students for Christ.

I worked with many denominations in Mexico and in Monterrey, working with the Methodist Church, I met my wife. Five years later, I was invited by Bishop Raul Rosas Gonzalez to be his adviser in Cross-cultural Missions. Later he invited me to join the Methodist church and be one of their pastors.

I was trained as a worker to the Muslim world in Europe and the Middle East. I graduated from C.C.H. Naucalpan High School in Mexico City; got my ESL teacher certification from the I. M. N. R. C. English Language Institute in Mexico City; graduated from .Instituto Biblico Anna Sanders of the A. of G. Church.. Later I went to Juan Wesley Bible Seminary in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, where I finished my Theological studies. I was ordained in 1995 and in the year 2000 I transferred my membership to The Methodist Church of Mexico and I was received as a full member in the C.A.O. I graduated in April 2012 with a M.A. in Missiology from Brier Crest Seminary at their Hyderabad, Campus India.

I and my family are actually serving as missionaries from the C.A.O. Methodist Church in Mexico sent to the Hispanic Ministry with the UMC TN Conference. Along with my wife we started a Hispanic church in Shelbyville from scratch, I have served as pastor at Primera Iglesia Metodista in Nashville, as the director for the Hispanic/Latino Academy in the TN Conference; as the multicultural pastor at Murfreesboro FUMC and as associate pastor at Hermitage UMC.

My wife Laura Ibarra-Hernandez is a local pastor serving as an Associate Pastor at Bell Buckle UMC; we have two daughters Elizabeth who will be a Senior at MMC. and Leslie that will be a Senior in Cascade High School .