PDO Parent Handbook

The full downloadable 2020-21 PDO Parent’s Handbook can be found HERE

Parent’s Day Out Program

Fellowship United Methodist Church

PDO Parent Handbook

PDO is a curriculum based nursery school experience for children ages 1 through 5 years of age (pre-K). Our goal is to help foster the emotional, social and educational growth of pre-school children. This is accomplished through an age appropriate curriculum, supervised play, art and many other activities that your child will enjoy. Through these activities children are learning to work and play with others, listen and follow directions, and grow in self control.

Please take a moment to review the policies and procedures of our program.

This facility is not required to be licensed by the state as a child care agency. Parent’s Day Out at FUMC meets approval for exemption from licensure.

Organization and Administration

PDO is a children’s ministry of Fellowship United Methodist Church, and therefore, has a Christian influence. While we do not teach United Methodist doctrine, some of our teachers pray before meals, use Biblical examples in their classrooms, and teach the Christian meaning of Christmas and Easter.

The PDO Team, along with the PDO Director of the PDO program, will ensure that PDO fulfills the requirements of a ministry, follows all church rules/regulations, and carries out the mission of the church. PDO issues will be reviewed by the church council (SPPRT) as needed with the PDO Team acting as the liaison between the SPPRT and the PDO program. PDO is organized with a PDO Director, and one teacher and one aide for each age group.

PDO is a non-profit organization. 100% of your tuition and fees goes to the church to pay for salaries, supplies, utilities, etc.

PDO Program Year Attendance

Classes will normally start in August of each year. You will be notified via email or phone during the summertime as to the first day. Each session (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) meets from 9:00am-2:15pm. PDO observes the same calendar as the Clarksville Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) with the exception of possible additional in-service days. Both programs should meet the same number of days in the year. During inclement weather, please tune in to your local news station for a list of school closings. If CMCSS delays by starting one or two hours later, PDO will also delay. On days that CMCSS dismisses two hours early, PDO will dismiss two hours early. On days that the CMCSS meets for a “half day”, PDO will not be in session. No refunds are given for inclement weather days and those days are not made up. You will be provided a calendar/list of the days that PDO will not be in session due to holidays and/or staff in-service.

Drop off is no earlier than 9:00am. If you arrive earlier than 9:00am, you will be asked to wait outside until class begins. Teachers are preparing for the day up until this point and reserve the right not to accept children until the designated time.

Pick up is between 2:00 at 2:15pm. Children will be dismissed one at a time at their classroom door. At 2:30pm a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. An additional fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged after 2:30pm. This is a “per child” fee. This fee will be given to the staff member for their extra time. This time will be administered according to the clock in the PDO Director’s office. The PDO Director will be responsible for collecting late fees. Unpaid late fees can result in the loss of your child’s slot. In instances where a child is not picked up at all, the local Department of Children’s Services and Police Department will be notified. Children will be released ONLY to parents and authorized caregivers. Parents desiring someone else to pick up their child must let their teacher know in advance. We will also ask for proper identification and will ensure this person is on your child’s pick up list. WE WILL NOT RELEASE A CHILD TO ANYONE OTHER THAN A PARENT/GUARDIAN WITHOUT PROPER NOTIFICATION FROM THE PARENT/GUARDIAN.

Lunch must be brought from home in a sack or lunch box. A drink pouch or juice box must be included. Meals must be ready to eat. We cannot heat up meals at the PDO program nor can we mix or make them (i.e., mixing tuna salad or making a sandwich). We will assist your child in opening packages and drinks.

Snacks will be provided by PDO unless your child has a food allergy. Children with food allergies must bring a snack from home.

Birthdays are a big deal to younger children and we like to celebrate with them. Parents are welcome to organize a classroom party during snack or lunchtime. Treat bags are welcome but no presents. If you organize a party you will be asked to provide all necessary supplies and assist in cleaning up the classroom afterwards. Invitations for parties outside of the program may be distributed ONLY if every child receives one.

Personal Belongings must be marked with your child’s name. Babies must have diaper bags with 6 changes of disposable diapers, a change of clothes, and wet wipes. All children must have a change of clothes kept in their cubbies. In the event that we need to change your child’s clothes, and an outfit is not available, we will call you to come and bring one.

Potty Policy. If a child has an accident, we will change them into dry clothing if available. We will teach them how to use tissue to clean liquid off themselves. The child will not be washed up. If a child has a bowel accident, we will do our very best to clean around the private areas and will have the child use tissue to try and clean the private areas. The parent or emergency contact will be immediately contacted regarding this situation.

Discipline at PDO consists of gentle reminders and time out in the classroom. Continuous and disruptive behavior may result in a child being placed in time out with another teacher or the PDO Director. Children who are out of control and their behavior is harmful or extremely disruptive (i.e. continued biting, kicking, vulgar language, etc.) will be subject to removal from the PDO program. At no time is corporal punishment (i.e. spanking) allowed at PDO.

Comfortable clothing suitable for play, painting, etc. should be worn. We will play outside when the weather allows, so please be sure to provide a jacket for colder days. Tennessee is known for extreme variations in temperature from day to day. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the day’s weather.

Cubbies are provided for your convenience. We ask that you check cubbies daily for materials and handouts. In addition, please DO NOT place any items in cubbies such as invitations, personal handouts, business advertisements, etc. without checking with the PDO Director first. It will be at the PDO Director’s discretion to allow those types of materials to be placed in cubbies.

Sunscreen should be applied BEFORE coming to school for the day. PDO staff cannot apply sunscreen.

Transportation is not provided by PDO. In the event of a field trip, transportation will be coordinated among parents.

Registration and Tuition

Pre-registration normally occurs during the month of February. Current students and their siblings will be given an opportunity to pre-register for the following school year. Slots cannot be reserved without payment of registration fees. Registration fee is $60.00 and is non refundable.  An additional $20.00 is required during registration for our 4’s Class only. This fee pays for your child’s math and handwriting workbooks.

Regular Registration will be open to the church and the general public on a first come, first served basis. Regular Registration will begin after pre-registration. Slots cannot be reserved without payment of registration fees. Registration fees are non refundable.

Class Placement is based on the Clarksville Montgomery County School System criteria which states that a children entering their respective calls shall be of age on or before August 15 for the next school year.

Tuition Fees are $125.00 per month or $1,250.00 per year. For any subsequent child, the fee is reduced by $10.00 per month. For your convenience you may pay for the entire year, quarterly (due three times a year) or one month at a time. If you choose the monthly payment option, please note that the full monthly amount is due the first school day of every month regardless of vacation, sick days, snow days, etc. Please notify the PDO Director of your payment choice. If you do not give a preference we will assume you are choosing the monthly option and will collect tuition accordingly. No personal checks will be accepted in December and May.

Monthly tuition payments are due no later than the FIRST school day of each month. Tuition may be placed in the metal lock box located in the church lobby, or turned into the PDO Director, no later than the close of school (2:15pm) on the FIRST school day of each month. Please make sure that your child’s name and class are written on the check or labeled envelope before using the lock box. Parents turning in tuition late will be assessed a $15.00 (per child) late fee. Tuition paid after the fourth school day of the month will be assessed a $25.00 (per child) late fee. Tuition checks returned due to insufficient funds will be charged a $30.00 fee plus applicable late fees. Unpaid tuition and/or continued late fees can result in the loss of your child’s slot.

Withdrawal is when you need to withdraw your child from the PDO program. If for any reason this becomes necessary, a 30 day notice is required. Tuition paid in advance that exceeds your child’s attendance in PDO will be refunded after the thirty days (i.e. if you paid for the quarter, as long as you give a 30 day notice we will refund your tuition for the time AFTER the 30 days). This notice must be given in writing to the PDO Director. If this advanced notice is not possible, you will be expected to pay tuition for the 30 days.  

No partial month payments will be refunded (If your child attends for any length of time during the month, that month’s tuition is due in full).  This pertains to both withdrawals and enrollment during the current school year.

Health and Safety

Updated Shot Records are required EVERY YEAR as well as a documentation of a current physical. Shot records are due 30 days within enrollment of the program and must be updated every year. If your child’s shot records are not turned in on time, your child will not be allowed to attend PDO until the required forms are received by the PDO Director. Tuition must still be paid during the child’s absence to secure his/her slot.  Shot records MUST be on the Tennessee State Immunizations Form.

Illnesses and injuries occur commonly among young children. PDO makes every effort to prevent the spread of germs by sanitizing and cleaning regularly, washing hands before meals, etc. In order to help us prevent the spread of communicable diseases parents are asked to watch for the signs of cold, sore throat, fever, rash, diarrhea, runny eyes, vomiting, etc., and keep your child home accordingly. A sick child puts others (children and staff) at risk of getting sick. If your child has a fever, please do not send them to school. A fever is a sign of infection or illness. If a child is brought to school in the morning and shows symptoms of an illness, the staff of PDO reserves the right not to accept that child into the classroom. If a child shows signs of an illness after school has started, his/her parent will be called to come and pick their child up immediately. No medication can be administered by PDO staff.

A child sustaining an injury while at PDO may be sent home at the discretion of the PDO Director.

Special Needs Children include children who may have special medical, educational, or behavioral needs. PDO is a non-licensed child care program and is not required nor equipped to care for children with special needs. However, in accordance with the Department of Human Services “A Parent’s Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care in Tennessee”, parents wishing to enroll a special needs child may meet with the PDO Director to discuss the child’s individual needs and:

· The ability of PDO to care for the child without “undue hardship” on the program

· The child’s ability to interact and play with other children safely

Final decisions regarding enrollment of special needs children will be made by the PDO Director. Failure to disclose special needs or medical conditions could result in the loss of your child’s slot in the PDO program.

Allergies are common in children. If your child has a food allergy, please notify the PDO Director in writing. To avoid unintentional accidents, PDO will not provide snacks to children with food allergies. Special snacks are to be sent by the parents of these children.

Emergency procedures are in place at PDO. It is our policy to call 911 in the event of an emergency situation. In addition, CPR will be initiated if necessary by a certified individual. You will be notified as soon as possible in an emergency situation.

Custody orders prohibiting parental involvement must be provided to PDO and will be placed in the child’s file.

Fire Drills and Tornado Drills are administered at least one time per year.

Find our Facebook Page at:  www.facebook.com/FellowshipPDO

Or our website at: www.fellowshipumc.com

We have written these policies to protect the Families we serve, the Staff who make it possible, and the Church. Failure to follow policies and procedures and/or abusive behavior towards Staff attempting to implement policies and procedures could result in the loss of your child’s slot.

Please view the Registration Page for documents related to registering your child.