Phil’s Points to Ponder for April 16, 2017

Let me tell you a true story that happened some time ago: A young boy’s father died in a car wreck when he was twelve years old. He read it in the newspaper before anyone got word to him to tell him about it. When he saw that picture of the family car smashed-up on the front page of the newspaper… and read that his dad had died in that accident, he was thrust immediately and painfully into the shocked numbness of deep grief.

Strangely, one of his very first feelings were those of guilt. He had remembered how some months before at a family picnic he was showing off with a baseball. At one point he got careless and threw wildly; it hit his dad in the hand and broke his thumb. The young boy felt horrible. He said to himself, “What a terrible son I am! I have caused my dad great pain.” 

It seemed that was all he could remember after his father’s death—the pain he caused his dad. Finally, the young boy went to see his pastor and told him about the deep feelings of guilt and about breaking his dad’s thumb.

The young boy… well, let me tell you in the boy’s own words, he said: I’ll never forget how my pastor handled that. He was so great. He came around the desk with tears in his eyes. He sat down across from me and said:

“Now, Jim,” that was the boy’s name, “you listen to me. If your dad could come back to life for five minutes and be right here with us… and if he knew you were worried about that, what would he say to you?” 

“He would tell me to quit worrying about that,” Jim said.

      “Well, all right,” the minister said, “then you quit worrying about that right now. Do you understand me?” 

“Yes sir,” he said… and he did.

That minister was saying: “You are forgiven. Accept the forgiveness… and make a new start with your life.” The young boy did make a new start. And many years later, he served a 9,000 member church: St Luke’s United Methodist Church in Houston. The young Boy? James W. Moore, the author of over 30 books on Christian living.

That’s Easter. The Risen Lord comes back to life… and assures the disciples that they are forgiven.

  • Peter had denied his Lord three times.
  • Thomas had doubted.
  • All the disciples had forsaken Him.

But, Christ came back, forgave them, and resurrected them. He came back to share with them… He comes today, to each and every one of us, to share the joy, the encouragement and the forgiveness of Easter.

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