Phil’s Points to Ponder for January 8, 2017

When Wise Men from the east noticed signs in the heavens that the Savior had been born, they made their way to Bethlehem, by way of Jerusalem. When they tell King Herod about the Savior’s birth, Herod “pretends to worship” Jesus, too. “Hey, on your way back home, let me know the exact location so I can send a gift or something” were Herod’s last words to the three wise men.

  The wise men never do come back to Jerusalem. In a dream, they find out that the baby’s life was at risk, and they take a different route home. So Herod does a terrible thing: he has all the male infants in and around Bethlehem, killed. And just to be sure he gets the right one, he kills all of them under the age of two, even one of his own sons. So this week, in preparation for Sunday’s worship, we will read about children dying senselessly, and mothers weeping uncontrollably. And these verses, Matthew 2:13-23, along with other verses in the bible that are almost too painful to read, have come to be known as “texts of terror.”

  You see, terrorism didn’t get invented in the 21st century. Evil people have been perfecting it for many centuries now. Whenever there is an opportunity to stand in the way of peace, or work against love, or insult human dignity, evil people have found a way to do that.

  “A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be comforted, because they are no more.” Jeremiah 31:15

  Those voices can still be heard; not just voices, but cries of inconsolable grief & loss, along with the cries of the innocent.

  Joseph was visited by an angel sent from God, who warned him to take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt. He was to stay there until God told him it was safe, for Herod was searching for the child to kill him.

  There are many innocents across our world who are being slaughtered by the Herods of our day. Will they flee to safety? Where can they go? Will someone protect them and give them refuge? Well, will we?

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  1. Gwenelda

    Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!