Phil’s Points to Ponder for June 11, 2017

Although Christianity has no allegiance to any political party (that may come as a surprise to some), it definitely has a huge interest in seeking justice for those who are without the means to look out for themselves. When people are denied the right to vote, the church has a bias in favor of the disenfranchised. When the grocery stores in the poorest part of town receive the out-of-date food from the stores in the suburbs, then the church has a bias in favor of the poor. When class size is larger in schools with high proportions of ethnic minority children than it is where white children are the majority, then the church has a bias for the minority students. When people are denied basic health care because of pre-existing conditions or the inability to pay exorbitant premiums or outlandish deductibles, the church has a bias of compassion toward those being excluded. When immigrants and refugees are fleeing murderous regimes or radical extremists, or simply looking for a chance at a better life for their family, the church has a bias in favor of the stranger in our midst. When incarceration rates and length of sentences are skewed against the poor and racial minorities, the church has a bias toward the powerless.

This kind of bias will not sit well with some people and we may not be very popular with them. It may cost us social standing, political office, or even a promotion at work, but we stand in the line of John the Baptist and the other prophets who faced the evils within the systems of their day and called for them to change. As Christians we must always align ourselves on the side of those who are being denied justice. As human beings who have grown up in different homes with different experiences and with differing perspectives, we will not always agree on the means by which injustice must be changed. We will not even always agree whether or not it is a case of injustice. We must love and respect one another in our differences. What we cannot tolerate is allowing ourselves to be drawn into supporting systems that foster injustice.

Our scripture text for this Sunday is Luke 18:1-8a and our theme is Justice.

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