Phil’s Points to Ponder for March 12, 2017

During the election season of 2016, I grew very tired of hearing about the “Evangelical” or “Born Again” Christian block of voters. These are labels that the religious world has allowed the non-religious world to redefine. I consider myself to be both of these, while at the same time, neither.
I am appalled by many of the things that “supposed evangelicals or born again Christians” are purported to stand for, as well as the injustices and discriminatory practices for which they remain silent.
So, you might wonder why I have elected to preach on The New Birth – Who Needs It & How Does It Happen. Our scripture texts will be 2 Timothy 1:1-5 and John 3:1-7. And one of the key phrases uttered by Jesus that I will lift up in my message is, “You must be born again.”
So what does it mean to be born again? What does it mean to be born anew? What is God’s lesson for us in John’s gospel for this Sunday?
Far too often in life, we have drifted away from God. In our relationship with God, we are simply going through the motions without the proper inner motivation.
Nicodemus was probably an old man, but the Nicodemus’ among us today could be fifteen to eighty five. Age is really not a factor when it comes to someone drifting away from God, living a life that is not quite right.
It begins unintentionally at first. It’s “a slow fade.”We start to have the habits of faith without the heart of faith. We go through rituals but don’t have the real thing. We go through the patterns of faith but no longer have the power of faith.
It is precisely at such a time when we need to come to Jesus’ home, knock on his door and say, “Jesus, I need some help. I’ve got a problem…here…in my heart. It is not quite right.”
And Jesus will say to you and me, “Come right in. Sit down for a while. Let’s talk.” And Jesus has this uncanny ability to look deeply into your heart and mine, and he says, “You need to be born again, to be born anew, to be born from above, to experience a rebirth of God’s love in your heart. You need to be born of the water and the Spirit.”
And he leaves us asking, “How?”

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  1. Digger

    This article keeps it real, no doubt.