Phil’s Points to Ponder for March 26, 2017

Two blind men had been healed by Jesus. They happened to meet one day, and they were so excited to meet someone else who had been healed. They talked about the wonder of sight, the color of flowers, the beauty of butterflies, the glory of sunrises, the faces of children and grandchildren.

They talked about the wonder of having seen the face of Jesus. They were laughing and having a great time together, when one of them said, “And do you remember how Jesus took that mud, spit on it, and put it into your eye?”

The other fellow looked kind of stunned, and answered, “Why no, he simply said, ‘Receive your sight,’ and I could see.”

The first fellow said, “Wait a minute – now just wait a minute here. You mean he didn’t use any mud?”


“Well, did he at least have you wash in the pool of Siloam?”

“No – of course not – who ever heard of anything so ridiculous as mud in your eye?!”

“Well,” said the first man, “if he didn’t put mud in your eyes and have you wash in the pool of Siloam, you are still blind! Blind – do your hear me? Because that’s the way Jesus healed me; that’s the way he does it!”

Then the second man began to get angry. He shouted, “Mud, mud, mud! Who ever heard of using mud?! That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard! You still have mud in your eyes. You’re the one who’s still blind!”

Now that story, as silly as it might be, is no more ridiculous than the one told in John 9:1-41. I am speaking about the way the Pharisees reacted to Jesus’ healing of a blind man on the Sabbath; but not only that – but also the conversation the Pharisees and between the blind man who was healed.

This Sunday, we will explore this story as I ask the question: “Are You (We) Vision Impaired?

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    Good to see a talent at work. I can’t match that.