Phil’s Points to Ponder for March 4, 2017

Pastoral Prayer for Lent

Gracious God, how blessed we are to live and serve as a community of your people. Gifted with the beauty of creation surrounding us, lead us into significant relationships that nurture and challenge us, as we experience the promise of life, and are grateful.
Lead us now, O God, as we seek, in this season of Lent, to journey with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Lead us in righteousness, that our journey might be a journey in which we embrace Christ’s ways of compassion and justice, grace and mercy, hope and right living. Lead us, God, in peace, as we seek to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Fill us with a peace that passes all human understanding, a peace the world cannot give to us, neither can it take away.
But, holy God, let us never be satisfied with personal peace alone. Lead us into paths of peacemaking and reconciliation. And God, we pray that you might soften the hearts of those world leaders who are far more inclined to wage war than to seek peace.
God, where there is brokenness, form us into instruments of forgiveness.
Where there is despair, make of us channels of your hope.
Where there is division, may we be empowered to bring healing and wholeness.
Where darkness abounds, grant us courage to walk in the light, our eyes fixed on Jesus, the light of the world.
God of healing and compassion, we hold before you all those who are in special need of your healing touch. Make us mindful of those who silently hold hurts and brokenness within them. Teach us to look into one another’s eyes and hearts.
We pray for those experiencing pain in their significant relationships, those who are yearning for new beginnings in life. We pray, O God, for young people facing untold pressures and challenges, and for older persons seeking to come to terms with limitations and losses. Whatever our life situations, O God, lead us in paths of right living, our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ our Lord, through whom we pray. Amen.

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  1. Steffi

    It’s great to find someone so on the ball.