Statement of Faith

We believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth. We believe that God created the vast universe from the yet to be discovered planet to every atom within our complex human bodies. We believe that God is Spirit and that God is at the same time our loving Father.

We believe in Jesus Christ as God’s Only Son whom we call Lord. We believe that Jesus has always co-existed with the Father and that two thousand years ago Jesus came in the flesh and lived among us. He was both fully human (he ate when he was hungry, slept when he was tired, cried when he was sad and laughed when he was happy), and fully God (he had the power to heal and raise the dead, etc.).

We believe that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin named Mary. Can’t explain it, but through faith we believe it. Being conceived by the Holy Spirit makes Jesus God’s son. Born of the virgin Mary makes it that much more believable!

We believe that Jesus suffered at the hand of a Roman governor named Pontius Pilate, was nailed to a cross, bled and died. Although Jesus’ own people wanted him dead, it wasn’t within their power to kill him being under the rule of the Roman empire at the time. So they handed him over to the Romans with the accusation that he claimed to be a king greater than Caesar.

Although there was no wrongdoing in him, they found him guilty and sentenced him to be tortured and nailed to a cross. After an inhuman beating they forced Jesus to carry his own cross to the spot know as ‘the place of the skull’ as his mother could only watch in horror. Even after nailing him to the cross Jesus prayed that his Father would forgive his abusers. He bled and hours later died. But that was not the end.

We believe that after being buried in a tomb, the third day Jesus rose physically from the dead. “His body is not here!”, they shouted after seeing the tomb empty. Jesus later appeared to his disciples and many others as proof of his physical resurrection.

We believe that he ascended into heaven where he possesses the power of heaven. All power on heaven and earth are his.

We believe in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is literally God’s presence with us. He comforts and heals, brings peace and joy, and equips and empowers the believer to follow Christ everyday.

We believe in the church universal. As a United Methodist Church we are joined with like-minded believers that we may do more for the cause of Christ. However, we believe that we are a part of the body of Christ and hold all Christ-followers as brothers and sisters in God’s family.

We believe in the Fellowship of Christ-followers. Regular attendance at Worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship are vital to our relationship with Christ and each other.

We believe in the forgiveness of sins. Every person has made mistakes. All of us have done things that have severed our relationship to God. The Bible teaches us that the forgiveness of sins is free to all that would come to God with a desire to change and put their trust in Christ!

We believe in Eternal Life. Death is not the end. The Bible teaches us that our souls continue to live on either in life with God or separated from God. It’s every person’s choice.

At Fellowship Church we will not force any beliefs on you. You are free to come and just be a bystander or participate at your own level of comfort. You will always be loved and welcomed.

If you have any questions about the beliefs of Fellowship Church please feel free to contact us.