Fuel Ministry

VISION: To provide hope, love and self-worth to the children we serve by nourishing the body and soul.
MISSION STATEMENT: To link every Elementary and Middle School in Montgomery County with a church family who will, during the school year, provide weekend food bags through anonymous servant-hood and unconditional love.
It is estimated that approximately 1,000 children in the Clarksville-Montgomery County school system have little to nothing to eat between lunch on Friday and breakfast on Monday. That’s correct. We have children, right here in Montgomery County, who go for up to 67 hours with no food every week.

We have found a way to help. The F.U.E.L. program is a food subsidization program that places food directly in the back packs of these children every Friday afternoon. Here at Fellowship UMC we provide these food bags to 60 children at Byrns Darden Elementary School, 20 children at West Creek Middle School and 18 children at West Creek Elementary School. Through unconditional love and anonymous servant-hood, we strive to be the hands of Christ as we join together every Wednesday evening to “stuff the bags”.

Monthly donations go towards feeding children at Byrns Darden Elementary School. West Creek Elementary and Middle Schools are privately funded by a generous family every month.

The monthly cost to provide healthy and nutritious foods for 60 children to take home is $900.00; we provide the weekend food bags for the entire school year (10 months.)

You can help by:

· Contributing financially;
· Helping prepare food bags each Wednesday evening;
· Delivering the prepared bags to the school on Thursdays.
· Purchase food items from the school approved food list.
For more information, please contact the church office.

These items have been approved by the school board for the FUEL program.

Breakfast Juice Fruit Item Cheese Item
Pop Tarts Juice Boxes Box Raisins Cheese Crackers
Small Box Cereal Juice Pouches Fruit Cups Cheese/Dippin Sticks
Breakfast Bars Applesauce
Granola Bars
Protein Item Fruit Snacks Dairy Snacks
P-Butter Crackers Fruit Rollups Pudding Cups Anything Goes
Nuts in a Pouch Fruit Twisters Non-refrigerated
Tuna in a Pouch Fruit Chews Cheese Sticks
P-Butter Snack Stix

All items need to be individually wrapped. No glass, cans or pop tops
All items must be non-refrigerated and ready to eat. No home
made items allowed.