Senior Adult Ministry (SAM)

The purpose of the Senior Adult Ministry is to provide a program for older adults to continue the lifelong process of learning and growing toward Christ. This is done using the S.E.N.I.O.R.S. Ministry model. The seven components of the model outlined below are Spiritual, Enrichment, Nutrition (Wellness), Intergenerational, Outreach, Recreation and Service.

We interpret the S.E.N.I.O.R.S. model as follows:

• Spiritual – Helping older adults in their spiritual journey through words, actions, and activities.

• Enrichment – Providing classes and information on not only religious subjects but also technical subjects and daily living in a changing society. Travel is also an enrichment activity.

• Nutritional (Wellness)-To provide for physical well-being through meals and health care awareness.

• Intergenerational – S.A.M. members age 50 and over are considered charter members while those adults under 50 are honorary or pre-charter members. There is no other distinction between the two categories as to benefits given or received. The ministry focuses on older adults but is not restricted from ministry to or from all ages.

• Outreach – supports the Fellowship’s mission of serving the world. S.A.M. does this by reaching out and connecting with other people and organizations, both churched and unchurched in the community. Examples are Tennessee State Vets Home, Mana Cafe, Adult Literacy Council, sponsoring outreach events and assisting other ministries.

• Recreation – Attitude is an important index to quality of life. Laughter, fun, humor, and play all contribute to our well-being. S.A.M. sponsors recreational activities such as card games, board games, bingo, Bowling, Bocce, etc

• Service – Meeting the needs of others gives us a sense of purpose. The opportunities are unlimited: care giving, meals, transportation, being an active listener, facilitating bible studies, or facilities care.